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I've written some things you can download and done guest posts for other blogs. Other projects are still simmering.
Published Works
  • The Ice Hound Cometh (DriveThruRPG) - Winter came early to the mountain village of Clearwater, and the locals decided to do something about it. Now it's up to the heroes to get the Ice Hound back through the gate. This flexible adventure was designed for a 3rd-5th level D&D 5e party, and it can be used in a few different ways. Currently listed as Pay What You Want on DriveThru RPG.
  • NanoRegent (50K PDF) - Ever want a domain game in your pocket? This 200 word Nano-RPG written for the 200 Word RPG Challenge lets you play countries in conflict. It's a tiny Fate-flavored Birthright system, sort of. I want to print it on both sides of a 3x5 card and always have it with me. I've added a Pocket Print Edition (122K PDF) which contains 400+ words and prints 2 copies to a page, double-sided.
  • Provenance (335K PDF) - A 200 word Nano-RPG written for the 200 Word RPG Challenge about shady antiques dealers fabricating item histories for fun and profit. There's a sequence in the TV series Lovejoy where the title character trades for more and more valuable items, and this borrowed heavily from that memory in my head. It's very stark, and I'll modify it to print on both sides of a 3x5 card.
  • The Explorer's Tale (488K PDF) - Developed as part of the Gamer Assembly to facilitate crowd-sourced setting creation. Finished and printed out to give away at PAX East 2015. Take a look at The Explorer's Tale page for more information.
  • Village of Troubles (114K PDF) - A one-page sandbox adventure scenario for Brent Newhall's Dungeon Delvers. Check out the Dungeon Delvers page for more downloadable goodies.
  • Deck of Many Legends (13.2M PDF) - A list of system-neutral effects in the style of D&D's Deck of Many Things. Currently only available for backers of the Deck of Legends Kickstarter - the full 5-suit version is available for download under Update #28.
  • The 3 Types of Loot - A GMing article about saving your sanity when stocking treasure hoards, reprinted in Call To Assembly Issue #1 and available in print from LuluOriginally published at Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity, where it's currently one of the most popular posts of all time. Written as part of the Got Loot? festive blogfest.
Articles on Other Sites
Partially-Baked and Blog-Only Projects
  • Vagabond Pods - Classic Traveller habitation modules designed to comfortably carry passengers as cargo and provide a base of operations on almost any planet. They're the Airstream trailers of interstellar trade routes.
  • Fate of the Speculative Trade - Hacking Classic Traveller's trading system to use Fate Dice. Uses Rob Donoghue's Tally Dice method of reading Fate Dice to produce a second results axis on a single roll.
  • Edition War Riots Leave 11 Wounded in Seattle - A satirical news article to celebrate the release of the D&D Basic PDF in July, 2014. Followed up by the article "Players" Discovered Defusing Edition War Riots.
  • On Editing and Writing More Better - An ongoing series of articles containing tips and techniques to improve your writing skills.
  • The Tao of Gaming (75K PDF) - In progress. This is only the first 9 chapters.
  • Domo (27K docx) - A realm management board game designed for NaGaDeMon 2012. Version 0.7 needs more playtesting for balance and to keep resources from exploding. The Summary Page has links to all the blog articles written during development and testing.
  • Birthright Domains in 4e - A simple system for assigning stats to kingdoms. Written for the Classics Return blog carnival.
  • Schrödinger's Gun GMing - A series of articles on a sandboxy GMing method. Currently on the back burner and in need of editing.
  • Adventures in Elysium - Started in September 2011 as part of the OSR Challenge to produce 25 adventures in a month, I ended up getting distracted by Winter Is Coming and finished it in April 2012. The mini-adventures ended up as a fairly cohesive adventure arc for Classic Traveller. I'd like to compile this into a downloadable PDF at some point, pending Traveller licensing research.
  • Winter Is Coming - I organized a blog carnival held in September and October 2011 which attracted 30 gamers who submitted adventures, items, situations, organizations, festivals, monsters, art, and even a campaign wiki inspired by winter.
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